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dmxpanel - dmxpanel is a straightforward X dmx console for Linux. dmxpanel displays faders which manipulate the dmx unit right.   

PIC 16C63 Midi controlled Light dimmer - 4 channel dimmer cintrollable employing MIDI interface, operates at 110V AC, structure can be modified to implement regular baud premiums, and also the RS-232 Electrical interface   

In the event the house retires during the night time, all external doors and windows laid out in four earlier mentioned, apart from These in occupied bedrooms, shall be secured with the security equipment along with the keys withdrawn from locks.

Change debouncer isolates input and output - Fashionable programmable-logic controllers (PLCs) for automated process-Manage programs have both sixteen or 32 inputs and accept ac voltages of 24 to 120V. A single circuit (a relay for isolation and an RC community with a Schmitt bring about to debounce alerts to your processor) can debounce every one of the PLC indicators in sequence.

Defeat Detector X - This circuit would make a Resulted in flash into the defeat of the audio gained hrough the microphone within the circuit.

12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver - This fluorescent lamp driver employs a standard a hundred and twenty to 6V stepdown transformer in reverse to step 12V to about 350V to push a lamp without the ought to warm the filaments.   

In summary, the Digital Dimmer described below offers a pretty reliable Handle stage (from ten% to ninety five% in the ac sine wave). It can be employed for lighting apps, or one-period motor speed controls, or another form of application circuit wherever a reputable control stage is necessary.   

Aircraft Light Flasher Extends Bulb Daily life - uncommon dual-lamp flasher eradicates substantial-inrush currents through the use of just one bulb's heated filament to limit the setting up latest for the other bulb   

Controller delivers multimode phase Handle - 16C508 multichip controller, it is possible to put into practice a section controller that gives a two-critical, indexed processor for ac energy, circuit style and design thought from   

AG-DALI - AG-DALI is a working group set up by main companies and institutions in the sector of digital lamp/luminaire control to advertise DALI know-how and applications

Zero Crossing AC Swap Oscillator - The circuit revealed will turn on and off a resistive or inductive 220 VAC load as many as 800VA with the chance to adjust equally the on and off period of time   

The existing attract is definately NOT a linear partnership with voltage. The resistance on the filament differs appreciably Together with the input voltage (resulting from thermal results).   

Lighting Fundamentals - A basic idea of lights fundamentals is essential for specifiers and decision-makers who're analyzing lighting upgrades. This document gives a brief overview of style parameters, systems, and terminology Employed in the lighting field.   

Setting up an easy, reusable Chinese Lantern - Chinese Lanterns are widely applied now in films and television every time a comfortable, positionable light resource which might be rigged and altered swiftly is necessary   

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